Professional Training

Financial Translation Course (English>Italian)

Webinars on Financial Translation

Webinars on financial translation focussing on various subjects of financial translation, from an introduction on this specialisation to specific areas.

  • How to become a successful financial translator
  • Capital markets and financial instruments
  • Investment funds
  • Annual Reports and Financial Statements
  • Banks
  • Financial news

Live sessions are in Italian (dedicated to translators working with English and Italian). Subscribe below to stay updated on upcoming sessions.

Webinars on Editing & Proofreading

It is easy to deceive the human eye. It is just as easy to revise another professional’s translation adding preferential changes in your own image. How can you train the eye (and brain) to find errors and provide a translation in line with the customer’s requests?

You will understand the difference among various levels of quality assurance: proofreading, full or partial editing, editing in your mother tongue or in a foreign language, or post-editing. You will learn proofreading tips and tricks. In more than 20 years, I have developed an efficient method to optimize working time, avoid the most common proofreading mistakes and improve quality of documents translated by me and by other professionals.

Videos of past webinars in English (How to Become an Efficient Proofreader) and in Italian (Come diventare un buon revisore) are available on Prozcom.

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