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Is Your Content Translation-Ready?

12 tips to improve your multilingual content

Over the past few years, the volume of content produced and translated has dramatically increased, especially online.  This is specifically true for the business and financial industry. Just think of all the comments written on Brexit, Trump and the US Election, and central bank policies in 2016. Almost every global asset management company has a blog, or an insights and research section in various languages on the website.

Commentaries and articles are written both by English natives and by professionals using English as a second language and lingua franca.

More often than not, authors seem to forget that their documents will serve as a base for content in other languages, and that they will be translated. Professional specialised translators do their best to convey the right message in the target language, though a quality translation depends also on how well the original text is written. A document full of spelling mistakes and cultural connotations, without structure or with ambiguous expressions does not help the translation and communication process. On the contrary, a well-written piece will convince your audience, increase conversions, and it may help avoiding litigation and costly mistakes. Moreover, you will not waste time and money with revisions, reduce turnaround time, as well as the chance of misunderstandings.

So, why not thinking global from the start, planning ahead and writing with your international reader in mind?


How to improve the quality of the source text

I translate many blog posts on market outlook, fund performance and the asset management industry into Italian. Some are very well written and easy to read, while others contain spelling mistakes, vague concepts and strong cultural connotations.

Easier to read means easier to translate. In simple terms, authors should simplify their English.

Here is a short checklist that may help polishing a text before sending it to translation: Continua la lettura di Is Your Content Translation-Ready?

Killer Tips to Triumph on the Web


Why and How to Translate Your Company’s Website

Do you want to play a triumph march like Verdi’s Aida? In order to captivate Attention, raise Interest, elicit Desire and inspire Action – the AIDA principles of marketing communication – you need to speak your client’s language.

Are you wondering why you should translate your company’s website into a foreign language, for example from English into Italian, since it is expensive or time-consuming? Have you already translated your web presence, though it does not seem to produce the expected results?

Translating your company’s website in view of expanding into other markets is necessary not only to increase the number of visitors and visibility. As I pointed out in this blog before, according to a study run by Common Sense Advisory, 75% of consumers prefer to buy products in their native language. The survey highlights that more than half of respondents shop on-line only from websites that show information in the consumer’s native language, especially when buying insurance and financial services.

Your company can gain a competitive advantage, differentiate from competitors and gain trust, which is particularly important when people have to invest their money. Although English is considered the language of the web, once clients have access to a local version of the website, their uncertainty decreases and are more inclined to buy.

Multilingual websites increase web ranking in search engines and help you gain market share. If you are also planning a presence on social networks, do not forget that not all countries use social channels in the same way. You will need to localise your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy and possibly interact with potential clients in their language.

Once understood why you should translate your website, you need a strategy in order to produce the expected results. A survey among more than 500 global marketers in 2013 found that 60% of them have no strategy for multilingual content marketing. Continua la lettura di Killer Tips to Triumph on the Web

Content Marketing? Just Help People!


20140203_153905Rome is always worth a visit. The weather should be nicer. That’s what I thought a month ago when a friend of mine – who knows my interest in content marketing, content curation and blogging – invited me to participate in C-Come (national congress of content marketing, copywriting and creativity organised by Pennamontata).

Actually, it rained cats and dogs in Rome. However, the meeting was lively, instructive, and a source of inspiration. As an entrepreneurial linguist, translator and blogging enthusiast, that’s what I learned and brought back to Milan.

Content should be useful for readers (and clients). Continua la lettura di Content Marketing? Just Help People!