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The Sorrows of Young Financial Translator

At the beginning of a new year, we all start with brilliant ideas and good intentions. To go regularly to the gym or yoga classes, to use that software in order to be productive, to travel more, and so on. However, year-end resolutions often fail after a few weeks because they do not emerge from a firm belief of change and innovation. They are often driven by calendar, not by deep motivation. To find inspiration, I went through my collection of articles, videos and podcasts on financial translation that I am sharing with you in this post. I am motivated to be special, what about you?


How I started, my daily routine and market trends

Interview on Marcel Solè’s blog on my career as a financial translator, my working day, and my opinion on industry trends.

Financial Translations: Tips for Beginners

In this article, Yelena Pestereva underlines the importance of specialisation, suggests not to trust dictionaries and to take every opportunity to expand your knowledge.

Some hints on how to be a financial translator

Alan Clayman - Some hints on how to be a financial translator - YouTube 2016-01-04 11-28-04

Can you distinguish an ETF from a CDS? And when would you use euro rather than EUR? These are some of the underlying questions behind the skills of a financial translator. How to acquire the skills to work in the field and… why bother?

Youtube video published on 27 November 2013 – Financial translator Alan Clayman gave a lively short lecture at the ITA conference. Continua la lettura di The Sorrows of Young Financial Translator