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How To Choose a Translator?

Deciding on a translation provider may be difficult. You have to trust confidential documents, most of the time respect important deadlines, communicating with your potential clients in the appropriate language and style.

The translation industry is overcrowded by freelance professionals, translation companies and numerous non-professionals who pretend being translators.

What should you do then to select the translation supplier that fits your needs?

Here are some tips based on my experience both as a buyer of translation services and as professional translator.

1.       Selection Criteria

First of all, determine your selection criteria.

  • What is your target market? The target language?
  • Does your company produce highly technical content?
  • Do you often have tight schedules?
  • Is price more important than quality?
  • What is the purpose of translations? Are they for information purpose or for publication? Continua la lettura di How To Choose a Translator?

My name is The Passionate Translator!

leaning tower

Nice to meet you! With a big smile… Where are you from? I am from Poland, though I live in Denmark at the moment. I am from Uruguay, though I live in Paraguay. I was born in Ireland, but I married an Italian girl, and live in your sunny country.

These were common answers at the 2014 International Conference. We should have done a statistical research among translators not living in their country of origin. The second question was: What’s your language combination? And then… what’s your specialisation? Isn’t it weird that I met only one financial translator like me?

After a couple of questions about professional career, the small talk on the leaning tower of Pisa, on Italian food or on travelling prevailed. Good news! Everybody is here to socialise! And socialising was the best part of it, certainly. Business cards were taken out only after dinner. I met very nice people, enthusiast, with a passion for their work as translators and interpreters. Meeting open-minded people who love their job is a like catching some fresh air after a hard day’s work! Continua la lettura di My name is The Passionate Translator!