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What’s in a Translation Price?


Inspired by various articles and posts I have read on translation rates recently, I  summarised visually in a Slideshare presentation the most common elements comprised in the price of a translation.

Hopefully, this is useful for translators (to calculate their own rates) and clients as well (to understand what they are paying for). Just click on the bottom right button to enlarge the slides to full screen size.


Thanks to Transliteria’s Translation Rates and Charges: what are you paying for? , Popie Matsouka’s Tips for setting your translation rates and, more in general, Docstoc’s 10 Tips for Pricing your Product for inspiration.

3 Myths about Financial Translators


Do you work at a bank, don’t you? Plumber

When one of my friends asked me a couple of days ago – a bit puzzled – why I do not work at a bank, she confirmed me something I already suspected. People have no idea of what I do as a financial translator, and probably as a translator too. I have read many blog posts about the myths and misconceptions on translators, the difference between translators and interpreters, and freelance work in general. Most people, even our friends and acquaintances, often do not know anything about our job or have a weird idea about translation.

 Myth # 1: Financial translators work at a bank Continua la lettura di 3 Myths about Financial Translators

How I Designed my Business Cards and Brand Identity


hairdresserHairdressers are a girl’s best friend. We need to change our look from time to time, to reinvent our image or simply to better express our identity. The same goes for our professional brand. Therefore, I decided to restyle my Website. I redesigned my on-line presence because I wished a more dynamic and fresh site, with a blog to share my ideas and show my clients and prospects how I could help them to achieve a successful presence in Italy by translating their financial and marketing material into Italian.

My logo is still the same, just a bit refreshed. I chose a new image (Fotolia and istockphoto are a useful source of photos and illustrations). Blue recalls something professional, authoritative and trustworthy, light blue is friendly and fresh. I chose a light blue background image showing the globe. I help my clients to communicate with foreign cultures, therefore it is perfect. The keyboard – number 1 tool for my job – represents translations. The charts on the right remind me of finance and capital markets. That’s what I do: professional and specialised financial translations. Continua la lettura di How I Designed my Business Cards and Brand Identity