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How To Find The Right Words On The Web

Once upon a time, there were dictionaries. Huge volumes on a translator’s office shelf. If you are an “old generation” translator like me, you probably started working in this industry using paper dictionaries, going to libraries, researching in books and catalogues to find the right word.

Internet changed everything, as you know. Now we can look up words in on-line dictionaries, consulting industry sites and standards on the Web. However, the Web is full of news, images, dictionaries, articles and it is not always easy to restrict research and avoid wasting time. Here are 10 Tricks of Advanced Internet Search: Continua la lettura di How To Find The Right Words On The Web

The Quality Puzzle? Feedback is my Answer

Lupe QualitiyOne of my clients called me yesterday and told me their language teacher revised a brief letter I had translated a couple of weeks ago, asking my opinion about corrections. I started musing on one the most abused words in the translation industry, and in other sectors as well, e.g. quality. What is quality?

Certainly, quality implies professionalism. The good translator relies on:

  1. Education: a foreign language or translation degree, continuous learning
  2. Expertise in one industry: finance, law, tourism, mechanics, etc.
  3. A well-defined process: a proven workflow (from the client’s request through terminology search, translation, editing, to delivery)
  4. Effective use of glossaries and terminology databases
  5. Style-guides: linguistic and editorial guidelines in compliance with the client’s requests or industry standards

In three words: expertise, method and client’s input.
However, some criticalities are difficult to handle.  Continua la lettura di The Quality Puzzle? Feedback is my Answer

Content Marketing? Just Help People!


20140203_153905Rome is always worth a visit. The weather should be nicer. That’s what I thought a month ago when a friend of mine – who knows my interest in content marketing, content curation and blogging – invited me to participate in C-Come (national congress of content marketing, copywriting and creativity organised by Pennamontata).

Actually, it rained cats and dogs in Rome. However, the meeting was lively, instructive, and a source of inspiration. As an entrepreneurial linguist, translator and blogging enthusiast, that’s what I learned and brought back to Milan.

Content should be useful for readers (and clients). Continua la lettura di Content Marketing? Just Help People!