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Financial Translation is a Balancing Act


Financial translation is aharmony balancing act, among style, content, format, and deadlines.

Translators must have solid skills — not just subject-matter knowledge and writing skills – but also the ability to find new translation solutions almost in real time:


  1. Good knowledge of current affairs (political, social)
    The Fed is the Federal Reserve, the US central bank. It is not a company, as I read in one translation into Italian recently!
    Moreover, if a translator does not understand and alter an ECB statement (the European Central Bank, as you may know), it may have an impact on investment strategies or on the client’s reputation.
    The translator must understand the concept before translating into another language. The only way to stay update and understand capital markets or monetary policy is to read newspapers and financial documents.
    Continuous learning is imperative. Continua la lettura di Financial Translation is a Balancing Act

7 tips for clients to get a translation that works

handschlag puzzleYesterday, I received the following e-mail from a potential client: “I need the translation of a technical document urgently. They are only a few pages. Please send me a quote.” This is a very common message from companies requesting a translation. No file is attached, nor is the language specified. Do you need a translation from English into Italian? Or into German? Is it a financial brochure or a legal document? Is it for publication? Urgent means tomorrow, or within the end of the week?

To get a quote first, and then the right translation, more information is needed on what you need and how you want it. Continua la lettura di 7 tips for clients to get a translation that works